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2019-09-21 12:00 - 23:58

After a year of living in the cold and damp reaches called England, Hunter is coming back for a visit! And what would a visit be without a jam for old time sake? So we have called out to some of our bestest homies from over the many years for a special high-energy jamo-ramma at Rumours Rock City!

Here is you line up:

23:00  New Skyline Fire
22:00  South of Nine
21:00  Burning Blue
20:00  Something October
19:00  Neo Galaxy SA

The entry for this even will be any type of donation towards SAINTS Animal Charity, who will be collecting at the door - minimum R10 please!

We wanna make Hunter feel welcome, so anyone who dresses like a POM will be rewarded with something special! What does a pom dress like? We still are not entirely sure...get creative!


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Upcoming events