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Rumours TV is a music channel exclusive to Rumours lounge. Not only does it provide only the best in local music video, gig guides and events, you can also see the local chat show, the Chinwag Sessions to find out more about your favorite bands

Rumours TV is the brainchild of Ruan Rabie (Ex Wysdiman, March Against Me, Torment, Mudd Pony).

Ruan decided that there should be more to a live music venue than just shows & festivals. He had a burning desire to increase the exposure of all local bands, not just to their fans at the shows, but to all patrons who frequent Rumours Lounge. With many years of band experience behind his name, he understands how difficult it is for bands to make a name for themselves out in the world, and thus, a music channel was born. 

With the assistance of his friends, Ruan was able to put the channel together which is now aired at Rumours on a daily basis, allowing bands to get their music out there without having to step on stage.

After the initial success, Ruan still felt more could be done for the scene. He roped in a co-conspirator in the name of Ray Harrison, (Ex Wysdiman, Unlisted, Fragmented Children, Mudd Pony & Eris Alibi) and decided they should start a band chat show segment, namely, "The Chinwag Sessions". This now allows people to actually "meet" and hear what these people are like, what they're into and their favourite guilty pleasures... 

Rumours TV has now broadened it's horisons to now cover the monthly Gig Guide at Rumours, thus keeping you up to date on the latest happenings at Rumours too!

Essentially, Rumours TV is being run by 2 passionate individuals who are trying to assist the SA Music Scene, the best way they know how. Give us some love and we'll give you some love too!

If you want to be a part of Rumours TV, send us your music video or do a interview on the Chinwag Sessions drop us a mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also visit us on facebook and youtube.



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